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Pirates of Coney Island issue 1 commentary

Pirates of Coney Island issue 1
Page by page commentary video

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Fuck gerard way

The following express my own opinions in sake of satire and comedy, so if you can't take it, kiss my asshole.
Back in 2013-14? Who cares, I talked about my own experience working with Way. Here's the deal. He crafted this email. An I use the Work "crafted" because in my opinion these are the words of a coward who in order to save face, wants "his side" out . BUT not by his own fingers. So he takes a couple of weak ass jabs at me in HOPES that I would be pissed enough to post it instead of him.
Way is in black because WHEN HE WAS the leader of the black parade
and I am in pink cuz i am an alien transexual faggot from Youranus.

Vasilis- Garry..?

I reached out to you on twitter in the interest of speaking directly to you about your blog concerning our work together. (is that what you call a single sentence of "not here that everyone sees us")   In what I believe to be indirect tweets, ( indirect? i thought i was pretty specific) you seem to have no real desire to handle the situation in any kind of grown up manner. (oh shut the fuck up, you were just trying to save public face and keep your "Jesus" status) That's fine, but I feel the need to make things perfectly clear, as you seem to be struggling to understand them.

Homey the only thing I am struggling with has nothing to do with your highness.

I will mention this early, in case you decide to stop reading-
For your sake, both professionally and emotionally, I have decided not to broadcast this on the Internet, as you did. I know MCR has a lot of dedicated fans, and the last thing I'd want is for people to rush to my defense, causing you grief. Truly. (yeah right , thanks for keeping the hords of hormone-crazed hounds, i am sure it's not because of you saving face again or avoid any negative shit attached to your name...)
But make no mistake- if you continue on the path you are on, if you keep your blog-post, and further propagate lies- (well I think they are not lies , pix don't lie) I will defend myself. This isn't a threat, this is a courtesy. (Corporate Satans' cocksuckers don't have honor or "courtesy" what makes you special dear Rick Ashley?)
This email has a clock on it.

This email has a clock on it? Where did you put it? *runs Malware*What the fuck do you mean , that you WOULD eventually "sic'em dogz"? If i don't comply? Motherfucker try getting kicked in the teeth inside a van from a gang of Nazi Greek Police and then talk to me about fear of "dedicated fans" over the internet. I think you need to call 911 to get you the jaws-of-life to get your head out of your ass.

What I gather from your blog is that you are accusing me of stealing your intellectual property. You are accusing me of theft. Additionally, you are claiming that you were not properly compensated financially or given any credit for your contributions. Beginning your tantrum with the topic of the gun, (the only thing you did in fact design) you then decided to lay claim to much more than that- the ideas and the final designs. That's a serious accusation, so let's go through it, step by step-

Actually i just think that you are a dick. Meh.

The guns-
You designed the gun, as I told you the Killjoys used rayguns, or blasters, and you did a great job- I have never disputed that. ( obvisly they were made in merch..)
You did, however, design the gun under significant art direction (okay have you seen that Southpark episode with Cartman "coming up with the greatest joke?" Kinda like that as they say, people go through mental exercises to claim things as their own ) . I discussed video games, we shared our love of the game "Zillion", the Sega Light Phaser (dude now you are just quoting me and replacing "me" with "you"), and the Nintendo Zapper- a toy gun I specifically mentioned to you- and one that is so similar to the final product that fans use is as a template for their own DIY versions of the Killjoy gun.

Actually the only thing i remember you saying is "i don't want biomechanical" 

Additionally, I showed you a photo of a submachine gun where I told you to chop off the clip and the stock, copy the inner-sillouette, (you showed me a star wars rifle toy you just bought..RIFLE not handgun but anyway) )and use the shape. I told you I wanted the top of the gun to cock and I wanted vents. Gunslingers, old west, Firefly- this is input. It's actually collaboration, and you weren't on your own- but you can say you were if you'd like.

See, now you are just storytelling stuff because you hoped that I will post this "in it's entirety" as you said and have your side be heard. As far as I am concerned you either had a looong inner dialogue or you are just messing with me here.

What I didn't say was- "I dunno, I want rayguns, just draw a bunch I don't care"  I would have been well within my rights to say that, given our agreement- but I didn't. I never do. Get clear on that.

Dude, lol, that's exactly what you said , the only input was "I want one that is like a 30's automatic "
Are you just fucking with me? I mean for real. It's like the twilight zone

The color-ways of the guns and the paint scheme designs- I did those. The 3-dimensional model, turn around, and sculpt- Legacy Effects did those.

So if i take someone's drawing of a figure, make an exact copy print it in China and paint it its mine?
I really don't think that's the way it works... Unless you are talking bootlegs.

Which moves us to the jacket-

You did not design the jacket. Get clear on that too. 
Err.. NO I did.  But anyway. The drawings are THERE man, it's the same thing!! You messin' with me I swear hahaha.

I'm going to bring in something from your blog-

"In my head it was a cool project to mash up Akira with Tank Girl and Mad Max"

It was a cool project to mash up Akira with Tank Girl and Mad Max- and none of that was your idea. Period.

You will need some tampons for that period because everytime someone mentions "this" and "this" doesnt automatically mean that they have no creative input. Katsuhiro Otomo (akira) pretty mych traced Tron and Moebius but that does not mean Akira belongs to Disney.

Again, like the guns, you designed a jacket (and colorways) under significant art direction (i think you are bananas and you are making this things up just to piss me off and post the email back when it was relevant ), a jacket that did not end up the final result. A jacket that looked like a lot of other futuristic motorcycle jackets, cool, but unspectacular, either way- "not the one". Your given direction for this jacket was Akira and Mad Max, and both of those influences are seen- in the idea of a back patch I specifically asked for (Kaneda), the cut I specifically asked for (Kaneda), and the hard plastic shoulder pads (Mad Max 1) you included.

Re-reading this maaaan... you really piss me off , that you have the audacity to claim these ideas. All I personally remember is you nodding while I ran my mouth. 

The jacket I designed with Colleen Atwood- 
I have made a composite of my jacket, along with it's influences, some of which are the same influences I directed you to follow. Most importantly, there is a cover from an 80's science fiction novel, that my jacket directly comes from. Altered Pill on the back from Akira (which I always wanted, and so I designed it myself), colorways and patches completely mine. The "hiked short sleeve" effect was Colleen Atwood's design, as it is not present in yours. Both jackets have ridged black spandex cuffs, as almost all jackets do- including my personal jacket I wore at the time (and pointed to as reference for the cut and sleeves)- a navy blue Ralph Lauren "work jacket". I am pictured in Rolling Stone wearing the jacket, taken at the time. Colleen Atwood also used this same jacket as reference. 

Yeah, you know what, you even kept the scrunchy thing that rides up to the elbow along with the zipper on the back. Devil is in the details, I'd love Atwood's input on this but you being you, most likely went "LOOK WHAT I DID" An to twist the knife of truth here's the deal, the idea for that came from the Surface to Air boutique Gaspard Auge of Justice custom jacket.... Anything you say i can trace it back to its origin, so this is a kinda fun game to play.

And in the end I look like Shaun Simon's, Becky Cloonan's, and my version (predating your work for hire by minimum 1 year)

What in the devil you mean here I do not know. Pix or it didn't happen. Unless you mean when I told Cloonan "give him red hair like HIDE from X-Japan) Also , Cloonan hasn't drawn anything because there was no project at the time I was in LA with you. 

Frank's costume:
This one is ridiculous, and you were directed to look at The Capsules Gang and Yamagata specifically, as you were directed to look at Akira, heavily, by me, as stated before. Yours is a denim biker vest over a leather jacket. Moving on-

Yeah it is, I don't remember you knowing what " Yamagata" is.

The girl- 
Direction, sure, collaboratively. Final design? No. That's what concept art is. My words: "I want a little girl with curly hair that has a 'Spirited Away' vibe. She carries a vintage repainted Shogun Warrior as a teddy bear. Me and the girl are on the lamb so her look should reflect that". 

Ski vest? You mean the collaborative idea of having one, in a "retro 80's sci-fi" fashion? Or do you mean the ski vest I bought on Ebay that I asked Colleen Atwood to redesign for a little girl? Is the girl wearing your design? I'm unclear on that. Or is she wearing the one I bought? And I don't see a traditional Chinese blouse, army jacket, tank helmet, embellishments (at this point I'm describing the whole costume) in your drawing. I do, however, see Colleen's work, and a replica of a vest I own in the final design.

Did the designs, and you went " give her curly hair".... Collaborative... I don't think you know what the word means Hefe.


The storyboard-
You're reaching. You do know a storyboard is what's used to make a shot, right? That is their objective. 
This is a drawing of me in a car (modified Pontiac Trans Am per my specific instruction), with sunglasses and a jacket on. The whole video is me in a car with sunglasses and a jacket on- that's the point. You didn't conceive that. 

Of course, I'm wearing aviators in both images- because that is exactly what I said I was going to wear.  The angle is also different, so in the end, this really didn't get used. I know me and my 2nd director weren't using your boards when we were making the video, and I hadn't looked at them in 6 months at that point- but we could have if we wanted to. 

What I didn't say: "Write me a video. I have no idea what's in it or what it's about, but just make it cool. Lasers and shit." 

I told you exactly what the video was, and how it played out, like I always do when I write a video- I write with specific 'beats' in mind, as being one of the songwriters gives me a distinct advantage in visualizing it. I see it when I hear it. From arriving at the convenience store, to the altercation, smash through glass, run to the car, on the run with the girl, switch to other member, Draculoids (which I am surprised you didn't bring up, though you didn't come up with them either, so maybe you had a moment of clarity?) and Grant attack Mikey, then Bob coming in to rescue Mikey. 
And that's what you drew- unfinished storyboards of a video I wrote. 

As for your drawing of me in the car being similar to whats in the video? If a video I wrote is about a guy in a car with sunglasses and a jacket on- are we gonna show that? All signs point to yes.

Yes booboo, you did everything, I think you might also have created me, WHO KNOWS?!
You wrote the video? is that why you kept playing me the song over and over to come up with scenes? 

Desert Breather scarf-
This one reaches the most, well not as much as the mascot head, but close. 
I remember this idea. I didn't use it but I remember it. Or do you mean just a general bandana is your idea? Or outlaws wearing bandanas is your idea,? I was confused on that. 

Either way- here's what I did- which is look at the Clown Gang from Akira (surprise) and design some bandanas, commonly worn by outlaws. Because the characters I created were futuristic, post apocalyptic outlaws.

So what you say is "hey mang, we both ripped off Akira" First of all as a geek it pisses me off that people like you come in and with no comprehension what so ever start ripping off striking visuals.
Its like some painter trying to paint impressionism with out the basic knowledge of proper life drawing.

Pants with knee pads, as per instruction and example. Not the pants with knee pads that Colleen Atwood and myself designed, but I know it gets tough when you are basically looking at pants with knee pads, as they tend to look similar.

Same as above ,  what you do here is listing things individually while the big picture screams "DUH"
I can trace those pants from my designs back in 1998, big deal, I showed 'em to you, and the rest is like the rest.

Mascot head-
No. All of this stuff in this image pre-dates Mousekat, some of which is Gabriel Ba's and my own. And the Paul Pope (an actual cat head as a space helmet) was done well before your comic- that I never saw. The concept of a man with a mascot head and a gun wasn't new to me, or a lot of people for that matter. 
It was always going to be there because of the scene in Mad Max 3, just like I said at the time. Either way it wasn't your idea to even have one, nor did you ever produce a design. 

Paul Pope Solo #3: 2005
Umbrella Academy Dallas: 2008
Hats (your story): 2009 (per your admission)

I didn't have to do any of this, I just wanted to let you know how deluded you are.

You didn't have to do this unless you where a desperate coward that hoped that this will make me mad and post this "testament" of your side so you can be heard while keeping your hands clean.
And the Cat head would be a valid argument unless you went apeshit over the pages I've shown you. Of the cathead guy, See your trick of breaking thing by thing down just doesnt hold up to the big picture. That's why you wrote this, to intimidate me with your amazing powers and make yourself heard in a way that anyone that sees this forgets the big picture.

So, to summarize the events-

Due to my work load, and the lack of time to draw any of this myself, you were hired to create storyboards based on my concepts and scenes, with specific and significant art direction. To draw the storyboards, you needed to draw what was in them- elements of which you were instructed on, and given reference for. Elements, I'll remind you, that don't appear in the final designs. 
One of these items inside the board was used directly. A prop, which was a co-design.
Though the rest were largely unused- You were paid for all of the work, twice on the gun.

Actually i got paid once for the gun and some extra for SOME of the merch you were selling that had my clear design on them

Of the designs used on screen, you co-designed 1 prop- the gun.
Well my case is very well stated. You say one gun I say otherwise.

To recap-

I never disputed that fact.

I remember you saying "these need to be seen! We should have a special edition with all of these" Not that I personally care about it, Because we don't have the same .. well you got a fanbase , i got readers. I just wanted to know how you flipped that switch. 
But it was really easy to take credit for all the visuals right? That little fat kid in you just could NOT let go of the cake, it's all for you.

And so-
No one can actually figure out exactly what it is you're after. If it's attention, it isn't working- as your argument is transparently unfounded.

No one? , did you have a cometee? A board meeting? "what Vasilis wants...!" I want to tell you that you are a pure Narcissist with a HUGE Messiah complex (this band saves lives... bitch please, any band that fits teen angst "saves lives" get over your self Jesus)
What I want is to say NO your kind does not go UN-noticed. You , the filth of the world that think that it's cool to pull shit like this belong to where you came from. Sucking Satans cock , feeding on that slimy black worm that comes out of the tip (to quote Bill Hicks).

Credit- you were credited. You seem to be fixated on an interview where I say I designed the gun. Could that have happened? Absolutely, because I do a lot of interviews and I did in fact, design the paint schemes on the guns. Mistake? Sure. But I never credited you? I credited you, and there is proof of that.

There is credit , and there is mention, there IS a difference. I think you are just confused and power drunk that every name that comes out of your mouth you think that weights your weight in gold. 

Money- you seem to be dissatisfied with what you were paid (twice) but had no problem cashing the check (twice).

Nope, don't care, never had any, can live with out your kiddie allowance you pocket.

So what is it really about?

A "thank-you" in the liner notes? 
Last I checked, there are no "thank-yous" in the liner notes- at all. None. There are however, credits for musicians. So, Vasilis, no, you were not intentionally ignored or  "hidden away". It is astonishing-  you are so self absorbed, that, instead of recognizing that there are no "thank-yous" in the liner notes, the only thing you noticed was that your name wasn't there.

Yeah actually that wouldn't be bad, even in the terms i am with Cloonan i was genially surprised that her name was not on there.

But as a personal "thank you", long before the album came out, and because I wanted to show you that I appreciated your effort, (even though you had yet to complete the job you were hired to do) I bought you a Fender Jaguar HH, as you commented how much you wanted one. This was in addition to your fee.

I offered to pay for that a couple of times , you said no , we get shit for free, sooooo if i knew that I would be paid in instruments , i might not have taken the gig. By the way just on side note, i gave away the merch guns , and the guitar , I want NOTHING from you or the filth you reek.



I sent you a gun, and I credited you when applicable, though I don't recall many directors or artists crediting co-creators of a prop in interviews just out of the blue. Maybe you feel they should. I won't- I've got a lot more people than you to thank that put way more hours into this. I remember saying "a lot of people will see these", because I sincerely believed they would, and they didn't, because you sincerely had little to do with the final result. Fact.

I thought we wuz palz maaaaannngggg! And fuck interviews, a simple designer note like every director as you mention puts in the end of the movie is more than enough. I don't need "Gerard Way" talking about me, the opposite actually, you take street cred points off me, I like to level up.

Back to credit- on your website, two of the ten (at the time I checked) responses to your blog mention separate cases where you were credited. There are possibly more, I don't know. Unfortunately, there were not many situations in which you would have been credited because when I gave interviews for the album, people weren't asking me about the rayguns.

Yeah again huge difference between MENTION and CREDIT 'kay? KAY.
Shut up with the interviews already? There was one with Iggy Pop where you said something along the lines of "i don't want the girls to fuck me , I want the boys to want to fuck me, i got that from Iggy" And Iggy Pop was like "lolwut?"

You seem to have an certain expectation of how well and how often you are credited. I wasn't aware you were different from absolutely any other working professional I have ever met. Working professional- not strangers you meet on the internet with a vendetta against me or my band. The same people who would have no knowledge of what actually transpired.(buddy i am starting to get the feeling that YOU don't have a clue on what transpired for real, i believe that you convinced yourself of all the things you type here... ) Some may also draw the conclusion that "only you and I know the truth"- that is also false. Lots of people were there- before, during, and after we worked together.

Man you talk more about credit than I did, I must rrreally have struck a cord, 

During interviews, in the event that the topic of art and design came up, and in any situation where I could have maybe steered the conversation toward your gun designs or your unused boards (which would have been really reaching and very non sequitur) - I didn't. I didn't omit that you did it, and I didn't deny you credit for it, but I sure as shit wasn't going to derail an interview to talk about a prop and some unused storyboards.

Oh god..."interviews" blablabla HOW ABOUT A FOOTNOTE MOTHERFUCKER?? Who the fuck cares about them? YOU obviously! I mean re-reading this it's like ramblings of some kid that won Willy Wonka's gold ticket, Shut up already with the damn interview stuff? Who the hell told you that I wan you to give an interview about my work? You superficial self absorbed little gunt. 
Do you realize how many times you talk about interviews here? Because I just have! And that's a lot! What's the fucking deal? Do you need reassurance that you are famous? What the fuck in the name of fuck man? INTERVIEWS-INTERVIEWS-INTERVIEWS! Go tell your therapist about it, they might have some advice.

Exactly my question WHY, why the fuck do you choose to single me out and play the rock-star card?

Because, firstly, and this is the really important part- your contributions were largely insignificant (established fact), and secondly- in the end- I didn't like working with you. And when I've got nothing nice to say- I don't say it.

Okay, opinions, I'd like to see the look of the album and the videos and the comic if I never came to work with you. ("your contributions were largely insignificant" See? here it is the "I'll get him so pissed he will HAVE to post this instead of me getting my hands dirty."

Because you are entitled, angry, destructive, deluded, spiteful, and unreliable. And I think you're gross.

I'm gross? Okay , here, sit on the little kids table and let the adults speak.
There is only one thing here that is "gross" and that's the way you treat people and perceive your self.
You are not Jesus, you where in the right place the right time, and you had people around you that knew how to rock. Are we clear on that? Unless you are in an ambulance in white,  you don't "save lives". All these things you call me are a simple defend tactic of a Narcissist cornered. A narcissist is not someone that "loves him self too much" is someone that believes that no matter what he is the chosen one and can do no wrong, so any wrong doing on their part is correct because,"they" are the chosen one.

You "poured your everything" into this?
Does that often involve going off the grid and not delivering a finished project? Because if that's your definition, there are other cases where you "poured your everything" into something, to the dissatisfaction of others. You have a widely known reputation. And if drawing storyboards and design concepts, with art direction and reference, was "your everything", maybe you were in over your head.

Yeah i did, did you see how many lines i drew? Hella lot!
Drop off the grid? YOU called me and told me , we have no drummer the project is over for now.

Next thing i know is I see the video playing. 
See? "if drawing storyboards and design concepts, with art direction and reference, was "your everything", maybe you were in over your head. " This is the part where you try to mess with me taking jabs, in an attempt to piss me off so i can post this like "Look at what Way said that asshole!" and you let me your internet post work for you without getting your hands in it. Reputation clean and lawyer free. You think that you are smarter than you are, THIS is where YOU are over your head , because i eat pathologies like yours for breakfast. You know about me only what you where told.
Would you like a napkin? The kids table is getting messy...

You disappeared for a long time and i genuinely felt for you and what you were going through as a friend- but you never completed more than 7 boards in my recollection. And not once did I hold it against you. Then, when the album comes out, you materialize.

What in the devil are you talking about? I thought you were my friend-ish that's why when you ask WHAT IS THIS ABOUT? I tell you now it's about betrayal . Not as a "friend" but as business partners.(EDIT!) SEVEN BOARDS?? CAN YOU COUNT TO POTATO? NEED I SCREEN CAP THE EMAILS? Seven boards??? everything is here
these are all FLICKR albums with not even ALL the work i've send you.

And now we get to the part that's really going to ruin your day- and what this is all really about-

Is this the part? Because you are impotent to do anything to "my" day .
Again just to state that THIS IS what YOU are all about.. Ruin my day. Oh the lol of it all..
Go ahead..

When the album came out, you sent an email to my "lawyer woman" (what is your problem, dude?) that was insulting, and then one to me that was challenging.

Yeah you should try being in my shoes , i found you very challenging coz i don't speak "retard"
"lawyer woman" yeah so what? Thank goodness it wasn't a man because I have a vast vocabulary of insults... "Faggot". Lol

But the worst part of your correspondence was your admission that the tipping point for you in your borderline rage, was finding out that Becky Cloonan made more money than you did. For, in your words- "drawing a spider". Much of what you said in the emails went out of your way to diminish what a woman had done better than you- capture a vision. Which, to be honest, she was doing long before you came on board, long after, and lots of it. She and Shaun are actually my partners. In fact, your emails took such a misogynistic turn, it was like watching the camera begin to tilt on a Batman villain in the 60's.

Okay people, here is the tricky part. The part that I will call "Let's paint him as a misogynist because that's whats trending right now, let Vasilis post this.. muuaahh haa haaaahh"
No you idiot, its a mater of who should get equal pay, the guy that puts together a washing machine , or the person that presses the button. Am I getting through to you? Even that fucking spider is a rip of a Pushead design that I wouldn't shut up about it when we lived together with Cloonan and I put thunderbolts on EVERYTHING because of Ziggy Stardust! I am not saying that I had anything to do with that but by your "out-there" logic this is how you explain to me that everything was your idea.

So, despite many claims otherwise-  it was money and ego, and the fact that someone else got more recognition, more accolades than you. Punk rock, man.

Oh fuck yeah i am punk rock man, you are the Motley Crue and I am the godamn Misfits all rolled up in to one giant pulsating cock of magic.

No mention or understanding of the fact that Becky Cloonan created the image that was the symbol, trademark, album cover (along with Frank's photo) and call-sign for the next 2 and a half years of our lives. Mikey has it tattooed on his wrist, sadly, no one I met has the prop gun.

Okay, sit back down on the kiddie table, i see that you are very superficial and confused. You actually say... that X design is better...(and cooler) because people tattoo it. So You are dumb enough and grade school enough to think that the guy with the most tattoos is the coolest kid in school.
It all comes down to this! WHO HAS TATTOOS that the way you meassure "cool" huh? 
Fucking tattoos , so says the "artist"....

I wrote an email as a response to you- I never sent it, because it contains some of the things I said here- and I wanted to be done with you. So, you wanted more money for the gun being on a shirt (insane btw) I simply asked Stacy to pay it, told the rest of the guys what happened, felt gross, and moved on. Disappointed.

"I wrote an email but my lawyer told me make it as public court and make HIM post it."

But in the end you still want more credit.

You can't have it. 
Because it isn't yours.

It's not yours either by your standards, any mopehead kid with makeup could have been you.
Don't forget that are a meme.

You didn't want to be "that guy"? Congrats- you are worse.You didn't make a bad deal- you aren't the little guy fighting "the man". You are publicly self-destructing, and it's obvious you get off on it. I didn't "Stan Lee" you, or "schia" (sic) you. I have a reputation too as a working professional- and it is flawless. I'm not talking about deluded people I've never met making things up- I'm talking about individuals I've actually worked with over the years: James Jean, Chris Anthony, Neil Krug, Marc Webb, Sam Bayer, Colleen Atwood, Gabriel Ba, Becky Cloonan, Shaun Simon, Bob Bryar, Mikey Way, Frank Iero, Ray Toro- as a collaborator- and the list goes on- and out of all of those people I fucked you? That wasn't a name drop- that was an invitation to ask any one of those people if I've ever been unfair with credit. Ask, please, you know a few of them.

What this dude is talking about here is "ask my mom if I am a good kid"
Glenn Danzig listened to my music and told me its the satans balls and Stephen Spielberg and J.J. Abraams told me that my script that Universal wants to buy is the beez-kneez , are we done name dropping? I Had a sex affair with a famous pop star, she had tattoos, does that count in your "cool-book"??

But you probably won't- because you've done everything in your power to destroy your relationships, both professional and personal, and further alienated yourself from a group of people that used to be your peers.

Yeah tell me all about my personal shit as you heard it from Cloonan, it's like me going to , and talking about how bad of a boyfriend you are. What a dumbass, seriously dude, you are so superficial, all you care is acceptance and you make it clear here. "No matter what, keep em liking you, you will never know when you will need them" right? NO , and this is why I was so pissed, because you use people as commodities and keep them in store for future use, and if anyone opposes you, god forbid! Dare you go against the will of the mighty emo justin bieber??
Maybe i should look up your ex and talk about you. Isn't that exactly what you are doing?

This is another step toward your goal. I'm hoping you'll actually learn from this. I'm hoping, that despite my personal observations of you, that you find something good to take away from it. I am a hopeful person. I miss the Vasilis that was full of enthusiasm and talent- not the guy everyone is now seeing. A guy that preys on the hard work of others. Poisonous, and blaming everyone but yourself for your problems. A coward.

Dude you, calling me , a coward , that's just plain funny. If i was a coward, i'd suck the same corporate cock as you , SAY NOTHING and play friends until I get to print something with your name on it so i can cash in. I am a mighty warrior fucker, i am afraid of no one and i've seen idols like you come and go. Look forward into a future like Duran Duran , where they fill stadiums with sad lonely housewifes that long to relive that teen fantasy of rubbing it to Simon Le Bon's poster.
It's a future to be hold. Because you are a lucky meme, nothing more, you are not an artist, you are fan-service, you are the filth of the earth that makes this shit planet go round and round.
You are nothing, a king with out clothes folk tale. A Rick Ashley.
You are a LOL.

I'll close with this- 
As an artist, my artistic integrity is my currency, and you have attempted to label it counterfeit. 
I can think of no greater crime one artist can commit on another- not even theft (which in this case didn't happen).
And as an artist that- conceived, created, designed, worked, bled, sweat, ate shit with his friends, and nearly died for this vision- as that artist- fuck you.

Yeah , well you are not an artist, you are a sock puppet that once used it won't even go to the washer, it will simply be replaced.

Oh baby almost died? Aint you a special flake on Satan's line of cocksuckers. How fucking "punk rock" to say in my turn. Motherfucker you know shit about art. You just got Lucky. Lucky that everyone around you is a talented musician and you rode on their coat tail with some Motley Crew makeup. Lucky that you took the allowance of kids to "raise to fame" so you can enter the comic industry through the back door. I was printing before printing was cool to miss-quote you honey.

I know full well you can take this email and broadcast it- feel free. I will however caution you- that if you decide to take any part of this email and chop or distort it in any way for personal advantage, I will be forced to release it through my own channels, in it's entirety. My internet works as well as yours.

I think yours works better, we are under martial law, my phone is tapped and it slows it down.
Tru story fggt...

Your channels? Can you be more specific on your "you will never work on this town again" threat?
Name some names? And you are calling me a coward, you lowest of the low swine.
I know why you wrote this, so you can be heard, through me, be cause you lack the strength to state your thoughts, and that is sad, the saddest thing. You are pushing 40 and you are still a pussy.

My lawyer informed me that what you've committed is libel, as none of what you are claiming is true. I am now aware you are continuing your assault on my character, and have gone so far as to claim to know someone who claims I stole The Umbrella Academy from them. You can inform your new friend that what he is committing libel as well (if they exist). It would have been a simple matter to send you a cease and desist, backed up by potential lawsuit. I feel after this, it won't come to that. Again, this is no threat- this is courtesy.

Actually IT IS a threat, you can go suck my balls and my clit you godamn dead weight piece of scum.



350 pages of sketckbook

Monday, July 13, 2015

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Friday, July 10, 2015

drum beat test

I am writing songs for my departed friend, he was the best drummer and
taught me a lot, i am trying to fee out and emulate his style when we
played together.
Whassappu Mitso?


Thursday, July 09, 2015

My plan for that PIXU book

Initially after "5" they wanted to do another, so i sugested the idea of a haunted house and separate attendants that each has a story and intelock.
What I got was putting my mother to the ground, i had to work on that while makinghospital arrangements and then, funeral arrangements. So i wanted out. After a lot of pressure from the rest (should have let me be manss, i'd hate u less now..) The whole book hijacked and named PIXU. This is my initial cover drawing. The company was "meh" everybody wanted their finger on it soooo
 i suggested this. "do the classic VHS thing, house and a looming presence" .
It didnt turn out as well as i wanted, the whole thing, my art is ass, because i was guild tripped into doing something i wanted no part and, i kinda regret it. It was a cool idea , wrong timing, dare I say wrong team. Well, every story need a final nail in the coffin RIGHT?

in the words of Immortan Joe "Medioclre"

Saturday, July 04, 2015

Human Turds

I wonder how work for hire drone artists feel when they work all those awful lookin hero titles. The ones that are content in being just a cog in the machine. The ones that lack soul but have an excess of money. Are they like kids with the parents out, free to masturbate and speak in baby tongues? Turds that give birth to turds. Are they happy because they are stupid? Fulfilling the very essence of the despised nerd? Did todd mcfarlane and his brood took out the fun of creating content? Are we still ruled by the decadent ghost of "funnybooks" ? Is there room for one step forward or whiny indie shit is as best as it gets? There is no cause anymore, just a race of who is cool. Room for the gerard ways of the world to woo the desperate masses that they are cool enough that someone "famous" is lookin at them , giving them value in a shitty world of story telling that should expel opportunists that lower the bar page by page line by line. Self entitled cunts that devour uncontrollably every ounce that suggests a step forward. Useless people on pedestals and even more useless masses feeding the pigs for a place in the pigsty . Fuck you, fuck your circle jerk and your human centipede . You are the filth , just the filth. No fury no soul. Nothing, a black asshole that nothing can ever escape. You live to take , money, ego boosts and big fat steamy turds that you share with your breed. You put roman orgies to shame. You are nothing and yet, ironically, you are everything. Fuck you.
Vasilis Lolos 2015

signatune + art process, refreshing the art on a 10yearold comic